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February 19, 2020, 2:14 am

Winning with a Low


This game is very popular in the Western states of America and is sometimes referred to as Draw Poker in reverse. In this game there is is no minimum requirement to uncover the pot and in the showdown the lowest hand wins the pot. Flushes and straights are not considered. So owning a hand of one to five cards of the same suit means nothing. The ace counts as one and is not the highest single card.

If all players match up and remain until the showdown, a combination of aces win over the deuces for they are lower and so gets the pot. The lowest is the wheel: a hand made up of five, four, three, two and one. Its other name is bicycle.

Lowball usually employ a bug. It comes in a form of a joker to serves as a wild card. This joker holds a distinct position. If there is a natural ace in one's hand, joker assumes the missing card next in rank card to the ace.

Some clubs apply the sevens rule. This means that after the draw if a player checks with a seven-low or better one loses any further gain from the pot. One can still win the pot. But if another player bets and the player with seven-low calls and wins the pot, player who had the bet is given the privilege to take it away from the pot.

Any player in lowball should know that holding a high pair of nines and higher is holding a bogus hand. It is absurd to play a hand after an opening bet on the strength of having three low cards with a hope of getting two cards on the draw. This is one of the most insane draws in lowball.

It does not come to the player's senses that the chance of drawing two low cars is almost a distant as filling a three-card straight. If one draws two low cards, there is still a possibility of pairing with other three low cards.

As general tip, the best hand at lowball is a good pat hand. Draw only one card to a four-card hand with no pair. The winner in this variant depends on the highest card value not recognizing the lower cards until in cases of tie.

A hand with a six-high is the same as a straight flush in ordinary draw poker. A seven-high is equivalent to a quad. These are the hands that keep the pot home.

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