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June 3, 2020, 3:45 am

Basic Facts about Poker Tournaments

There are many kinds of poker tournaments that players can take part in. Each of these tournaments has their own rules and guidelines.

One of the more popular types of poker tournaments is the freeze out. In this tournament, the player who runs out of chips is eliminated from the game. The format of the game is very simple: you pay the buy-in, and start on equal footing with the others, the blinds are rapidly increased and a player who consumes all his chips bows out of the game.

Aside from the freeze out, there are also poker tournaments that permits additional re-buy and extras. You will be allowed to purchase another set of chips when you consume your first set of chips. The same amount will be paid for the same number of chips. This lasts for a limited period of time only and after the time limit, no more buy-ins will be allowed so that losing all your chips eliminates you from the game. However, you can add additional chips to your stack by paying a certain amount.

Another type of poker tournaments are the turbo tournaments wherein the blinds are gradually increased in two or five minute intervals. In turbo tournaments, luck is a very important consideration. This is a quick game because the action happens before the flop or the players go all-in frequently.

Satellite tournaments offer no cash prize but a "ticket" to a more prestigious tournament such as the WSOP. The prices given are usually dependent on the number of entries. However, there is a low percentage so players entered in these tournaments have to be aggressive.

The steps tournaments imply that you will be competing in several tournaments. These are a series of tournaments that serves as qualifiers to the final tournament where the winner will get a lion's share of paid buy-ins.

The shootouts are poker tournaments wherein players compete in several single table tournaments alternately. They are like the steps tournaments. The players can either proceed to the next round or get eliminated. The prize will be split to each player at the final table, so the prizes are generally minimal than in the steps tournaments.

Lastly, there is the winner-take-all tournament. These games are played on a single table and they demand an aggressive technique. Here, the top player collects all the buy-ins of the losing players.

Whatever tournament you plan to participate in, the fun and excitement of poker will always be guaranteed.

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