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February 19, 2020, 2:14 am

Playing Pairs and the Flop Correctly in Poker

Pairs are some of the most versatile hands in Poker, and when played appropriately, will give you plenty of opportunities to play the pot. Of course, the right strategies and tactics have to be used to make it work.

If you are holding top or high pairs in Limit Holdem, it is important to know that while they are good hands, they are certainly not the best. If the flop does not give the set that you want, take a look around the table.

If no one has raised, it is still possible that you have the upper hand. The ideal Poker strategy here is to simply make a bet. If someone has the set, then they will make a raise.

Of course, if you are holding a top pair like KK and the flop turns out a K, then you raise. If you are playing Omaha Holdem, then your Poker strategy would be to raise and take out as many as possible. Remember, the more cards that are going to be are issued out, the greater the possibility that one or two of the other players on the table will get a higher hand.

If you are holding an A7 and the flop shows you a 7-J-6, you will want to a make a bet. Why? Because by adopting this Poker strategy, you will be able to know exactly where you are. If no raises, then you can go ahead and be aggressive.

Another 7 on the turn will give you a trip, while an additional Ace on the river will give you the full house. This is a a long shot, but it does happen, and knowing the value of your hand, knowing what you can get, is important in Poker.

If someone does, then you should focus your attention on the player who raised. If he is known to be loose or a maniac, then you can be confident that he does not hold anything, but if he is a very tight player then makes the raise, you should fold.

These types will never make a play unless they hold something solid, so when they do, you should take that he has something that can beat your hand.

Poker pairs, as can be seen, are full of possibilities and can lead to numerous outcomes and combinations. By knowing the right way to play them, you will gain new insight and see winning opportunities where others do not.

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