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February 19, 2020, 2:14 am

Playing Three To A Flush in 7-Card Stud High

This is a pure drawing hand, but it may turn into a different sort of hand if a card or two pairs. The most important criterion to this kind of hand is the card that's heading it. A three to a flush with an Ace is very strong, for you may miss the flush and still get Aces up. Also, if you'r up against another flush, an Ace high flush is the strongest.

If your three to a flush consists of three small cards, they're playable if you don't have to call two raises on Third Street. One raise keeps you in. With three clubs, for example, an 8, 5 and 3, you really don't have any outs.

So two reraises at the outset on Third Street, and you're gone. Otherwise it's going to be a long expensive process and you're a dog all the way. You're not the favorite to win.

Another consideraton is the number of cards of that suit out against you on Third Street. You can only see what is in your hand and on the board. If there are three cards of the same suit on the board, throw your hand away. The odds have gotten scrunched, and there's no reason to go for the flush.

But if there are two or fewer cards out, there's only been one raise, and your three flush is headed by a premium card, you can stay in the pot, hoping to draw out or get in by the backdoor. By that, we mean win the hand in a way you din't expect to win it. For example, you start off with King, 10 and 8 of diamonds and end up with Kings over 8s and win the pot.

With three small cards to a flush, the chances of winning by the backdoor become very slight. The ideal situation for you is to limp in on Third Street, without a raise against you. Or one raise at the most.

With drawing hands you want to conserve as much money as possible, until you become the favorite or form the drawing hand.

For example, suppose you hold Ace, 10 and 5 of hearts. A King has raised on Third Street and a Queen and 9 have called. You call also.

On Fourth Street, you get a fourth heart, the 7. Now you are the favorite in this hand. You've got an overcard above the King, and you've gotten four hearts by Fourth Street. And there is multi-pot action. You can raise in this situation.

If you didn't get the fourth heart, and two hearts come out, and you didn't pair, you should throw away the hand on Fourth Street. Let's say that not only did two hearts come out, in addition to two on Third Street, but an Ace came out as well. Your chances for a win here have narrowed considerably. You've got to pray for a fourth and then a fifth heart or an Ace, and obviously the odds have sunk for these draws. It's time to dump the cards.

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