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June 3, 2020, 3:45 am

Some Tell-Tale Signs of a Poker Player

There are many instances during a game of poker, wherein various players would react or behave in a certain way, upon viewing the hands that they possess, or upon any situation on the table that would make them rather uneasy. These habits and mannerisms can be tell-tale signs that can help give information to other poker players regarding another player's strengths and weaknesses in the game.

In playing a game of poker, the player must look and observe a number of characteristics about the other players in the match. For instance, he can find various signs about whether the opponent's bluffs are real or not by observing their many eye and facial expressions. Some players who are experienced may use bluffs to mislead other players every now and again, but they may not use it too frequently, therefore making it hard for other players to know exactly what they plan to do. This requires some skill and strategy. That is why some players who are inexperienced are easy to be read, and would often give off unnecessary clues for other players to follow regarding either the strengths or weaknesses of the hand that he possesses.

Many poker players would pretend to be actors in a play. This is particularly true for both novice and experienced players. Some players who would carry a strong hand tend not to show their excitement and would often hide their feelings by looking disinterested or indifferent. Such is the term "poker face". Subsequently, a player that is trying to make a bluff could most likely try to look excited, raising the sound of his voice while putting more money into the pot as he tries to intimidate the other players.

Another tell-tale sign that one may notice and watch out for is anxiety, which often occurs when people are confronted or anticipate confrontation. This is often a stimulus response that one cannot really avoid unless he is very good at controlling his emotions. However, certain physical changes would still remain evident, such as pupil dilation, muscle flexing, and having a dry throat when one would feel uneasy or uncomfortable about a given situation.

Usually, in a poker game, when one of the players has a strong hand, they are most likely ready and prepared for confrontation and would tend to show some of these physical characteristics. Many instances of irregular breathing and voice pattern changes are certainly tell-tale signs that one player can use against his opponents. Certain professional players may end up staring at other players' veins on their faces to check on changes of blood pressure, or watch for anxious movement.

There are many other tell-tale signs that a player can observe in order to have an idea of the actions of his opponents, which is why it is important for any player to be observant.

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