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June 3, 2020, 3:45 am

Video Poker: How They Work and How to Play

Video Poker

When you get tired of slot machines, you might want to check out video poker. Video poker has a lot in common with slots, and in fact can be casually grouped with them. Like slots, you play them on a console with a screen, buttons and pay table. But unlike slots, strategy works in video poker. The choices you make on each draw can improve or worsen your chances of winning.

Video poker is a computerized, single-player derivative of a traditional game: draw poker. It is simple to play video poker. When you activate the machine for a draw by betting credits and/or pressing a button, you will see five cards on the screen. You can hold one or more of these cards if you like them, and draw new cards for the rest (if any). On the second draw, you will win or lose depending on what is specified on the pay table. The higher the poker hand you make, the more you are paid. If you do not have a hand that qualifies for a payout, you lose the bet you made on the first draw. There is no second bet on the second draw.

Like slots, video poker today uses a random number generator or RNG to create combinations. The RNG may work somewhat differently from one machine to another, but generally, the RNG generates a thousand hands per second. Whichever hand is current the moment you draw will become your draw. A second hand is drawn (unseen by you) in case you want to replace cards and draw. If you do, the card you discarded will be replaced by the corresponding card in the second draw. But the draw is already made even before you decide whether to hold or discard.

Video Poker Hands

When you get an ace, king, queen, jack and ten of a single suit (spades, hearts, etc. it doesn't matter so long as they are all the same), you win the highest prize. This is a royal flush.

The next highest hand is any consecutive five cards of the same suit, such as ace, two, three, four and five of diamonds. (Ace can be behind two or in front of king, whichever makes the better hand.)

Next all four cards of same type in a deck, such as the queen of every suit. This is a four of a kind.

Then a full house: three cards of same type and two cards of another type. Ex: three kings and two aces.

Then a flush: five cards of same suit.

Then a straight: five consecutive cards of any suit.

More common are three cards of same type, known as a three of a kind. Then two pairs of different types of cards, called a two pair. Ex: two fours and two jacks.

Lowest is a one pair. On most video poker machines, a one pair must be a pair of jacks or higher (queens, kings, or aces) to pay.

Whenever you have a chance for a better hand, you should aim for it For example, if you have three fives, an ace and a seven, keep the fives and throw away the rest hoping for the missing five.

If you play perfect strategy, you will lose less often and win more. Each video poker game has its own best strategy. For best results, play this game online since payouts are bigger in online casinos than live ones.

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